1. to cultivate the appreciation of diversity & richness of cultural, religious and ethnic expression in the Midlands region.
  2. to develop a shared sense of community, promote social solidarity, community cohesion and integration into this country.
  3. to encourage collaboration between Midlands’s communities through the medium of arts, interfaith community and cultural events
  4. to provide opportunities for conversation, discussions and debates through engaging the public, academics and community activists as a means to realising our vision of “one community” of many faiths and cultures in Midlands region.
  5. to provide a specialised pool of talent to carry out projects inquiring into social problems and questions confronting Great Britain today and in the future.
  6. to serve as a medium of exploring new ideas, developing fresh insight and creating sustainable solutions for communities in the modern “Global Society”.
  7. to challenge the forces of extremism by promoting cultural and religious understanding and developing connectedness between all our communities as a force for lasting social cohesion in Midlands Region.
  8. to develop educational programmes for schools and other educational institutions aimed at deepening and enhancing understanding of and between various communities.
  9. to work in partnership with other organisations and groups pursuing similar goals to promote unity, oneness, peace and equality.

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