Human Rights March

Caste Equality Campaign

October 19, 2013


BOPA believes in United Nations declaration for human rights and firmly opposes any violation of Human Rights of any British Asian in British Society. BOPA is aware of caste based discrimination that has been imported from South Asian countries its members come from.

This existence of unacceptable social & cultural practices carried out by some fellow British Asians is stongly opposed and condemned by BOPA. It has joined some its supporting organisations like Nirankari Mission and CasteWatchUK and has encouraged its members to join campaigns to root out this practice from British Society.

The problem has been in existence in some of the parent countries from centuries and any means including change in legislation, are supported by BOPA. Dr Rakesh Sachdev, President of BOPA took part in the public consultation organised by Government through Equality & Human Rights commission in London in November 2013. He was also joined by Mr Davinder Prasad, General Secretary & Mrs Rena Anobil, BOPA member. They all voiced BOPA’s strong support of implementation of caste legislation as soon as possible, without which the community cohesion, peace and harmony within British Asians will not be possible.

BOPA also supported CasteWatchUK as a part of its Human Rights responsibility – and joined them in Mass Rally at Hyde Park when victims of caste based discrimination marched through the streets of London to 10, Downing Street – and submitted a Petition signed by more than 30,000 supporters of caste legislation.