Muslim contribution in World War 1 – 100 years

Sister Sumaira Furrukh, Dr Irfan Malik and Mr Imran Chaudhry from Bangldesh speak at BOPA event - "Commonwealth Contribution to World War1 - 100 years

October 16, 2018
9 am to 4 pm

National Memorial Arboretum

Mrs Sumaira Furrukh, Assistant General Secretary, BOPA

World War 1 was fought in 1914 when 1.5 million soldiers from un-divided India cam to support Great Britain in World War 1 and more than 80,000 sacrificed their lives in a war which was not their. If these brave soldiers from Indian sub-continent did not support the war, the outcome of World War 1 could have been different. Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, Asian Christians – they all fought together, fell together and demonstrated to the world that they were exceptionally brave.

BOPA held a fantastic and high profile remembrance at National Memorial Arboretum – called “Commonwealth Contribution in World War 1 – 100 years”

Sister Sumaira Furrukh who is also Assistant General Secretary of BOPA gave a brilliant presentation of Muslim Contribution to World War 1. She highlighted that first Indian soldier to win the highest gallantry award was a Muslim from part of India now in Pakistan – called Sepoy Khudadad Khan. Dr Irfam Malik from Ahmedia community now in Pakistan also gave a fantastic presentation about the bravery of entire men-population from his village called Dhulimal who came to take part in World War 1, an amazing story of bravery and sacrifice and Dr Irfan Malik has been in so many media shows talking about it.

Mr Imran Choudhry also had stories of people from Bengal side of India which in now called Bangladesh. Bangalis have also been a great martial race and Bangali Muslims also took part in world war 1 and are proud of their contribution to this great war.

Mr Nasir Awan a Muslim Deputy Lieutenant for West Midlands Lieutenancy was one of our VIP guests, Mr Ahmer Ismail Consulate General of Pakistan also supported this event. Dr Sajjid Safi from BTM laid the wreath on behalf of British Muslims at the National Memorial.