Visit of Holy Buddhist Monk

Holy Bhadanta Gyaneshwar from Kushinagar, India

June 1, 2012


Holy Bhadanta Gyaneshwar, Chief Buddhist Monk from Kushinagar Monastery in India, paid a visit to Great Britain in June 2012. BOPA invited His Holiness to Coventry. Bishop of Coventry Dr Christopher Cocksworth, BOPA patron arranged a tea party at his residence to honour holy Buddhist monk from India. It was so inspiring to be a part of the discussion when two holy leaders from Christian & Buddhist faiths were trying to find more things in common. Bishop Christopher is a great inspiration for the work of BOPA and inspires British Asians from all faiths to work together for the common good of the British Society.

BOPA team took Holy Monk to Coventry City Council where Ex Lord Mayor Councillor Ram Lakha showed him around the Council House, St Mary’s Guild Hall and Council Chamber.

BOPA team then took him to Coventry Cathedral where Holy Monk was inspired at the story of bombardment of Cathedral during 2nd world war. The new Cathedral was raised from the ruins of the building that was destroyed and the message of peace and reconciliation really impressed Holy Buddhist monk. BOPA members, who were from Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian faiths found the visit a great learning experience which would be helpful to promote community cohesion, religious tolerance, mutual respect to stimulate sense of pride and dignity amongst British Asians.