Festival and Prayers for World Peace – Shree Mahanad Dhaam and BOPA at Canal basin

Acharya Pandit Ravi Bhushan ji’s wish to have his “Hindu Peace Festival & Prayers for World Peace” at Canal Basin was actually  happening with the help and support of BOPA. All the VIP’s, Community and Faith leaders from various communities were also pleased to take part in such an powerful event where we were not just thinking about entertainment but peace in our world especially for people of Ukraine who are suffering at the hands of Putin.
When we think of Peace we need to have support of British Armed Forces for external threats and Police and Crime Commissioner who heads the policing in our society to establish internal peace. We also had community leaders, Faith leaders including representatives of Multi Faith Forum, Local councillors, sea cadets representing youth and Lion Iryna King with her colleagues from Coventry Ukranian Community. Iryna and colleague from Ukraine read the Christian prayer to ask for the help of Lord Jesus Christ to end the war in Ukraine.
Acharya Pandit Ravi Bhushan ji was supported by his family friend from US – Mrs Usha Rishi and his younger sister Mrs Nidhi Sharma who looked after the finer details of Havan that also included “Mata Chandi Paath”, my wife never misses this annual event organised by Pandit ji. There were short speeches by VIP’s and officers from Armed Forces, also Ms Angie Beasely Director of Miss England team. There was a Bharat Natyam Indian Classical Dance followed by the climax of the whole event – “Gatka – Sikh Martial Arts display” and like every year we all loved the display by children of Sikh community.
Event organised on 16th July 2023  at Pace Garden in Coventry Canal Basin